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Things to Remember in Golden Temple Amritsar

  • At every entrance to Sri Harimandir Sahib, there is provision for keeping shoes, and luggage of the devotees, free of cost. One must get a token after depositing one’s shoes/belongings.
  • Please switch-off your mobiles before entering into the Sanctum Sanctorum.
  • Wash your feet/hands, and cover your head properly before entering the holy complex.
  • Cigarette, Biri, Tobacco or other intoxicants are strictly prohibited inside the holy premises.
  • Anyone can take a dip in the holy sarovar (pool of nectar) but use of soap or shampoo is not allowed.
  • The wet clothes may kindly be deposited in a Wet-Clothes-Room.
  • If you so desire, you can wash yourself with soap at the washrooms provided in the parikarma (periphery).
  • Swimming is strictly prohibited in the sarovar.
  • Do not accept eatables from strangers.
    These instructions are only precautionary, which are similar to any other religious/tourists place.
  • Photography is allowed only in the outer Parikarma. For special reasons permission for photography inside of The Golden Temple may be sought from the President/Sec. (SGPC) or Manager (Golden Temple).
  • Offerings in cash and kind are accepted in the Golden Temple.
  • Please get a receipt on offering donations for langar (community kitchen), building.
  • It is strictly prohibited to serve or eat any eatables in the Parikarma, or to loiter about with uncovered head.
  • It is not allowed to read or sell newspapers or play cards in the Parikarma.
  • Nobody can hold a religious congregation or deliver a lecture inside the Parikarma, unless permitted by SGPC.
  • Devotees should not pay any money to Sewadars on duty.
  • Please deposit your valuables including jewelry and cash at the counters provided for the same in the Sri Darbar Sahib complex.
  • Any complaint regarding any staff member/Sewadar/Management should be lodged at the office of Sri Harimandir Sahib located in the Parikarma near Darshni Deori and Ber Baba Budha Ji.
  • Karah-Prasad (holy offering) should be distributed only after one’s exit from the Sanctum Sanctorum. Its distribution on the bridge creates congestion which hampers the smooth movement of devotees.
  • Please do not take bath at Har Ki Paori.
  • If any infant happens to urinate in the Parikarma, please clean it immediately or inform the duty Sewadars about it.