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Art and Architecture of Golden Temple

art and architecture of golden temple
Art and Architecture of Golden Temple

Sikh Art and Architecture

sikh gurdwara art and architecture
Harmandir is not only a place for mental solace, it provides the rarest of art work to the visitors and art lovers visiting this shrine. The art displayed here is neither a copy of Islamic art or Hindu traditional art but a rare work of craftsmanship of fine art by Sikh Artists.



In Harmandir Sahib one can find :

Gold Embossed Work in Golden TempleThe Gold Embossed Work

All the domes of Harmandir, inner walls, the door panels exhibit gold work. Special designs have been given to the copper sheets and then they have been covered with gold leaves. This work is also on the inner roofs.



The Inlay Work

inlay work in golden temple

The beautiful designs depicting, birds, animals, flowers have been engraved in marble and then studded with colorful semi precious stones, that come out to be a great art work. In the art work at Harmandir one can find life everywhere in shape of human beings, birds, animals and flowers.